How to Avoid Rowing Machines Injuries Rowing Machines Tips

Rowing Machine Review

Rowing Machine Review

In most gyms you will find lots of different workout machines including water rowers and in most cases the staff can teach you how to properly use the devices. If there is no staff or if you bought a water rowing machine yourself for use at home, you should read the following article and consider to watch some rowing tutorial videos.

You could also consider to take a few rowing lessons in order to learn the basic rowing skills before you start using your machine at home.

If you use a (water) rowing machine incorrectly, serious injuries such as strain, severe back pains and even stress can occur. Let’s talk about Rowing Machines Injuries.

The main cause of Rowing Machines Injuries for most people who use a rowing machine is ‘overuse.’ In most cases these injuries lead to problems with the wrists, ribs, knees, (fore)arms and back. In addition, changes in the intensity of training, adjusting the resistance of the rowing machine and/ or a lack of skills or knowledge about basic rowing techniques can lead to serious injuries.

Most important is to maintain an average to good health and fitness level and to never row when you are tired or already in pain. It is key to always listen to your body.

Another golden rule is to always do a proper warm up. Start with some slow movements of arms and legs, stretch all your body parts and pay extra attention to you arms, legs and back. Also make sure to always wear quality sports clothing, that helps to radiate body heath and keep you cool and dry during your workout.

Rowing Machine Tips

Make sure to always gradually change the intensity during your rowing session in case you want to increase or decrease the intensity. Don’t start rowing too fast and/or with too much resistance from the machine.

Many rowers prefer to row in long strokes with low resistance. This technique lowers the risk of back injuries. Back problems and especially problems Rowing Machines Tipsaround the lower back are the most common injury amongst rowers. In order to prevent this, you should always
look after your back, for example make sure to stretch every now and then if you have an office job and be careful when you are lifting objects. Try to regularly perform exercises that increase the flexibility of your back.

Drink water (and not energy drinks) before your rowing workout and if desired, only drink energy drinks during the workout after approximately 20-30 minutes. Also drinking water every 30 min it’s great for health.

Once you have finished your workout session, always take the time to cool down and repeat the stretching routine that you did before your workout. A proper cool down is as important as the warming up.

Last but not least: Always visit your doctor or a physiotherapist if you think you have or are developing a serious injury.

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